Previous article me humne structure of c programming language ke ware me sikha tha Iss post me hum “Basic Structure of c++ Programming Language Learn Programming Basics to Advanced in Hindi” ke bare me jaanege. c++ programming language sikhne ke liye koi compulsory nahi ki aapko c language ya Html language koi bhi language aani chahiye but agar aapko c language thodi bahut bhi aati hogi to Aap c++ programming language ko aasani se understand kar payege.

Basic Structure of c++ Programming Language Learn Programming Basics to Advanced in Hindi

Learn c++ language in hindi

#What is c++ language in hindi?

C ++ is a object oriented programming and middle-level programming language developed by Bjarne Stroustrup starting in 1979 at Bell Labs. C ++ runs on a variety of platforms, such as Windows, Mac OS, and the various versions of UNIX. This tutorial adopts a simple and practical approach to the concept of C ++. C ++ Ek bahut hi most programming language hai agar aap PHP, java, .NET ye jo bhi language hai in sab ko sikhne se phale agar aapne C++ sikh liya to aap inhe ache se understand kar payege or jaldi sikhege.

#history of c++ language in hindi?

c language me kuch problem aa rahi the jo bhi Business application ko manage karne me in application ki maintenance karne ke liye code ko bar bar likhna padta tha so Dennis Ritchie ne C language ka develop kiya uske kuch year baad hi Bjarne Stroustrup ne C++ “c with classes” and more concept Add kiye like object, classes, dynamic binding, message passing and much more. 1979 me bell lab me  Bjarne Stroustrup ne starting ki and ye 1983 me complete hui.

#Features of C++ programming Language?

  • c++ language Ek oop(object oriented programming) language hai, iske sath sath or bhi bahut se features hai like-
  • Simple
  • Portability
  • Powerful    
  • Platform dependent    
  • Object Oriented Oriented
  • Case sensitive
  • Compiler based    
  • Syntax based language
  •  Use of Pointers Etc.

#What is the uses of C++ programming language?

  • Design operating system like Windows.
  • google use c++ for indexing.
  • apple os use few part C++ for OS X.
  • some browser develop in c++ language like Firefox.
  • some application or software Design in c++ like adobe systems , Photoshop, ImageReady, Illustrator and Adobe Premier.
  • Design Language Compiler
  • Design Database
  • Utilities
  • Games
  • Application Software
  • Google applications are also written in C ++, including Google File System and Google Chromium Etc.

#Basic Structure of c++ Programming Language

Data type in c++ programming

koi bhi value ko store karne ke liye variable create karte hai or us variable me aap kis type ki value ko stre kar rahe hai wo data type hota hai every data type ka Ek keyword hota hai , c++ me data type kuch iss trah ke hote hai-

Type : Keyword

  • Boolean                                               bool
  • Character                                             char
  • Integer                                               int
  • Floating point                                        float
  • Double floating point                                 double
  • Valueless                                             void
  • Wide character                                        Wchar_t

Variables in c++ programming

Koi bhi data ko store karne ki liye variable ka use kiya jata hai, means Ek computer memory jisko aapne name se define kar diya or us memory aap koi bhi value store kar sakte hai, like int a, b, c; ab inko aage define karne ke liye aap kuch Iss trah likhege

a = 10;
b = 20;
c = 30;

Array in c++ programming

Data type ki value ka collection ko array kaha jata hai, inko Ek hi name se represent kiya jata hai, array ki value fix hoti hai inhe change nahi kiya jata. array kuch iss trah likha jata hai.

char darkwikiarray[5] = {'d','a','r','k','w','i','k','i'};

Comment in c++ programming

Comment basically user ko understand karnwane ke liye hota hai taaki new user us program ya source code ko ache se samaj le usme kya kuch de rakha hai. compiler comment ko read nhi karta unhe ignore kar deta hai.

types of comment

  • single line comment (// single line comment )
  • multi line  comment (/*multi line  comment*/)

Constant in c++ programming

Ek constant ki value humesa fix rahti hai usse change nahi kiya jata, constant koi bhi data type ho sakta hai like integer, float etc. constant ko literal bhi kaha jata hai.

Types of constant in c++ programming

  • Integer constant
  • Floating-point constant
  • Boolean constant
  • Character constant    
  • String constant
  • Defining Constants
  • The #define Preprocessor
  • The const keyword.

#C++ compiler free full version download

C++ program ko run karne ke compiler ka use hote hai inme se mostly jo use hote hai unka link yaha mill jayega.

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#basic structure of c++ program

#include<iostream.h> //this is header file 
using namespace std; // C++ library routines are kept in the standard namespace
int main()//this is main function start compiler read a program here 
cout<<" hello friends"; // print screen function 
return 0; // return function  


 hello friends


Basic Structure of C++ Programming Language Learn Programming Basics to Advanced in Hindi 1

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