How To Download Valorant Game On PC For Free

How To Download Valorant Game On PC For Free: Valorant is out now and free to play In India or Globally. Here’s how to get and install it from Riot’s website. Valorant Game is officially out and available to download on PC also in India. Valorant is free for all players. Here’s our step-by-step guide on how to download and play Valorant right now.

How To Download Valorant Game On PC For Free in India From Riot’s Website

Valorant game was under closed beta testing for a few months which created a storm in the gaming community. Here is to download the Valorant game’s latest version for free.

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1. Create a new Valorant game account For Play.

Go to this URL or press on the play button after creating a new account. Fill in all the required details and remember the login details.

play valorant in india For Free
Play Valorant in India For Free

2. Valorant Game Download And Install. (Download And Install From Riot’s Website)

After creating an account You can download the game from this URL Click the downloading setup file and start the installation process.

3. Restart Your PC To Enable the Vanguard Game Anti-Cheat System.

vanguard anti cheat not finished installing restart computer to fix
vanguard anti-cheat is not finished installing restart the computer to fix

Once the installation Process is Complete Game will prompt you to restart your Computer, Simply restart your computer to enable the Vanguard anti-cheat software of the game. After Vanguard will load in the notification bar every time your system boots up.

Last Step: Log in to your Valorant game account, fill in your user/password and it’s done enjoy!!!

Can My PC Run Valorant? Valorant Game PC Hardware Requirements

Valorant Game PC Hardware Requirements
Valorant Game PC Hardware Requirements

Riot designed Valorant to run well on a variety of hardware.

System: Windows – 7/8/10 64b-it, RAM: 4GB, VRAM: 1GB

Minimum Specs / 30 FPS – CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo E8400, GPU Intel HD 4000


1. Can I play Valorant in India?

  • Yes

2. Valorant Game download size?

  • 3GB something

Can I Download Valorant Game for Free

  • Yes Free to Play

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