20 Interesting Facts About Video Games You Probably Didn’t Know: Many people like playing games, We all love playing games because the games are very Interesting. Gaming is linked to an increase in brain matter. Some research shows that video games might actually make you smarter. Gaming could be good for pain relief.
3D video games could increase memory capacity.
The game has many advantages. so today talk about “20 Interesting Facts About Video Games You Probably Didn’t Know.”

The first computer game?

In 1962, Steve Russell invented “Space War” which was the first game intended for computer use. Russell used an MIT PDP-1 mainframe computer to design his game. In 1967, Ralph Baer wrote the first video game played on a television set, a game called Chase.

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20 Interesting Facts About Video Games You Probably Didn’t Know

  1. Devil May Cry started out as a failed Resident Evil game.
  2. Devil May Cry free The video game industry is valued at 70 Billion Dollars worldwide.
  3. The 1990 game, Golden Axe from SEGA was voiced entirely by prisoners on death row.
  4. Did you know video game facts The most famous G code for video games of all time is up down down left right B A this was made popular by the game Contra which gives the player a full set of power-ups and it’s called Konami code or Gamers code.
  5. amazing fact about video gaming 1The maximum score anyone can achieve in Pac-Man is 3333360.
  6. fact about gaming 1A boss character called Bin Bag was removed from Rockstar’s Manhunt early in its development. He was a psychopath wrapped in black refuse sacks. Lovely.
  7. South Korea has a rule called Cinderella Law which disallows under-16 gamers to play online video games after midnight.
  8. The Xbox was originally named DirectXbox, as it was initially designed to show how Microsoft’s Direct X graphics technology could benefit the console market.
  9. fact about video games 1Midnight Club- Los Angeles is the first game to feature branded trophies and achievements. One’s shamelessly sponsored by T-Mobile.
  10. In the 1980s, a service called Gameline allowed users to download games to the Atari 2600 over regular phone lines. It was a commercial failure, but eventually formed part of the foundation for America Online, the world’s largest Internet service provider.
  11. The first Broken Sword game’s theme tune was composed by Barrington Pheloung, also known for writing the theme to grannies’ favorite Inspector Morse.
  12. Players of an online video game called Foldit decoded the crystal structure of an AIDS structure using the puzzle that has baffled scientists for over 15 years.
  13. The first game to go online with Sony’s terrible PS2 network adapter was SOCOM- Navy SealsOne of the player forms you can unlock in Rez for the Beyond ‘levels is simply Morolian This is the name of the invaders from UGA’s previous game, Space Channel 5.
  14. Starcraft is so famous in South Korea that the top gamers receive huge salaries and prizes to play at various competitions.
  15. Introduced in 1993, the 3DO was the first video game system to be fully based on technology.
  16. Ironically, SEGA GD-ROM technology was created as SEGA, and they wanted to create a disk that would be hard for pirates to copy and use.
  17. Mario doesn’t hit the bricks with his head, but punches them if look closely.
  18. top gaming facts 1A man created a perfect city called ‘Magnasanti’ using Sim City 3000. The city boasts of the game’s maximum population of 6 million with no crime or pollution.
  19. In Pokemon Red & Blue, the three famous birds Articuno, Zapdos, and Moltres mean “One Two Three” in Spanish! Articuno, Zap-DOS, Mol-TRES as Spelled in Spanish.

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