Termux Metasploit Hacking Tool Install in Android

Termux Metasploit Hacking Tool Install in Android: This is the Latest Method to install the Hacking tool in Termux: In this tutorial, we’ll learn Termux Metasploit Hacking Tool Install. Metasploit may be a framework that’s wont to create, test, and run exploits.

Metasploit Hacking tool is usually wont to find vulnerabilities within the system by doing penetration testing. If you would like to be an ethical hacker, then you want to see the simplest hacking tools for Termux.

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What is Termux Metasploit Hacking Tool?

Termux Metasploit is the most famous ethical hacking tool for cybersecurity experts. There are thousands of exploits available in its database. These exploits are wont to perform hacking and penetration testing on the targeted system.

The system is often Android, macOS, Windows server, etc. Exploits for each system are present in Metasploit. Such capabilities make Metasploit the simplest penetration testing tool. most cybersecurity experts use this tool to perform penetration testing.

Note: This Guide Educational Purposes Only.

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Requirements for Installing Termux Metasploit Hacking App

  • Android 5.0 For Proper Working
  • Termux android app Download it from the Google Play Store
  • About 500mbs internal storage

Termux Metasploit Hacking Tool Install Hacking Commands

install Metasploit Hacking Tool on Termux Android
install Metasploit Hacking Tool on Termux Android

Metasploit hacking app with all features on your Android phone without rooting your Android phone using the Termux Android Hacking app. Here is the tread on how you’ll install Metasploit within the Termux Android Hacking app.

  1. Open the Termux Android App and upgrade all Packages in repositories using these commands. “Commands For all Termux pkg List Upgrade”
pkg update && pkg upgrade -y

2. Now 2nd Install the unstable repository for Metasploit.

pkg install unstable-repo

3. Clear your Termux App Screen Type Clear and hit enter.

Termux Metasploit Hacking Tool Install in Android Without Root

Termux Metasploit Hacking Tool Commands Step by Step:

  1. First Installing a Script For the Metasploit Android Hacking Tool
pkg install wget -y && pkg install curl -y && pkg install git -y

2. Installing the Metasploit-Framework tool

wget Auxilus.github.io/metasploit.sh

3. To run the newly installed script for installing Metasploit Framework, enter this command:-

bash metasploit.sh

4. After all the processes you can successfully install the newest version of the Metasploit Framework.

Run the Metasploit Hacking tool using this command:


Note: If you are facing a problem like Metasploit is not running by “msfconsole” command Then here is the solution.

Ethical Hacking Metasploit tool Problem Solution: Start Termux android app new session Now permit by using this command:

 chmod +x metasploit.sh

Now execute the Metasploit command :


Ethical Hacking Metasploit tool Metasploit  Problem Solution:

open a New Session go to the Metasploit-framework directory, and enter this command.

cd metasploit-framework

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