Top 20 Debate Topics for Homework How to Choose the Best One
Top 20 Debate Topics for Homework How to Choose the Best One

Top 20 Debate Topics for Homework: How to Choose the Best One?: Almost every pupil and student has faced debate in school, college, or university just once. It does not matter whether you were a debater or only one of the audience, you might know how such a talk goes. Nevertheless, you should have never thought of how professors choose topics. And there is nothing weird. Because every debate topic is a very sophisticated combination of simplicity and complexity. How is it possible, you may ask?

How to Choose a Good Debate Topic?

To be true, there is only one approach to selecting a good debate topic. If you follow just a few steps, you will undoubtedly succeed in choosing the best one. It is as simple as asking professionals from DoMyEssay to do your homework for you. So, read the information below and take everything into account!

  • The topic should be easy to define. The main task of debate is not to give participants a task that is completely incomprehensible and complicated. The goal is to discuss quite a common issue that everyone is familiar with.
  • The topic should be simple to understand. This rule is somewhat similar to the previous one however it highlights one more important aspect. A topic and the problem it raises should be commonplace. It means that everyone should be used to it and subsequently do not have strong arguments to discuss it.
  • The topic should be complex enough. It may sound absurd, however, every top debate topic is both simple and complex. It does not imply that it should be difficult to understand but sophisticated to discuss.

These three steps will undoubtedly help you to choose the best debate topic. But if you are short of time to do that, below there will be a list of 20 top debate topics where you can select one. If you have further questions, apply to the experts working on professional online writing services and they will write you a list of the top, both controversial and simple, topics to discuss in the debate.

Top 20 Debate Topics: What to Discuss?

Very often students wonder what field to choose as a debate topic. The answer to that question is somewhat obvious. You can choose any sphere, be it economics, education, politics, environment, technology, or something else. To be true, it does not matter what discipline you choose. Every field has a lot of issues to raise and discuss. Below, you will find topics of various subjects and spheres. So, it must be easy for you to choose one that suits your interests.


  1. Smartphones should be prohibited to use at schools, colleges, and universities.
  2. Homework assignments should be abolished at all educational levels.
  3. Pupils and students should wear uniforms to attend classes.
  4. Boarding schools are a harmful experience for children.
  5. Extracurricular activities should be mandatory for pupils and students.

Debating education is quite appropriate for students because they know most of the intricacies of this sphere and have a lot of ideas for improving it. So, undoubtedly, if you want to make a good impression on your professor, a topic of this discipline will be a good choice.


  1. Every country should own a piece of land in Antarctica.
  2. Refugees are harmful to the economy of countries where such people seek asylum.
  3. Mediation of strong states in the regional conflicts that may result in global conflicts should take place.
  4. Weapons should be legalized but licensed.
  5. The more rich person or corporation is, the more taxes should be paid by them.

Politics is a field that requires having a lot of knowledge. You should read a lot, not to miss any of the latest news to be always in the loop. Of course, such topics are somewhat more difficult to debate, however, if you try and do your best, you will succeed.


  1. Genetically modified products should be strictly controlled by governments but not banned.
  2. Tourism is harmful to the environment.
  3. Climate change should be the primary issue to discuss with all states.
  4. Nuclear power stations should be the main source of electricity.
  5. Leather and fur clothing should be banned from selling.

Nowadays it is especially relevant to talk about environmental issues. However, people like to talk rather than provide solutions and start to act. So, discussing one of such topics, be very careful and attentive. It is important to take all the aspects of this subject into account.


  1. Electric cars are the best solution to global warming.
  2. Online education is much more effective than traditional ones.
  3. The development of artificial intelligence is contrary to the application of human rights.
  4. Technologies make people smarter.
  5. Social media and especially advertisements should be strictly controlled.

One more field that most pupils and students are familiar with very and very well. All these topics are extremely interesting to discuss. Try not to miss a single thing to make your speech thorough.

Choose a Top Debate Topic in a Few Minutes

The above list of topics will give you not only an opportunity to choose something to discuss but also a lot of tips on how to write your own debate topic that is both controversial and simple enough. So, the process of choosing a topic will take no more than 10 minutes.

However, if you have no free time and want a professional to choose an interesting and controversial debate topic for you, ask for help from online writing services. There, you can get a list of top topics even within the shortest deadline but for a reasonable price.

All in all, do not procrastinate, there are a lot of ways to choose a controversial but simple topic to debate on!

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