Best (Command Prompt) CMD Tricks And Hacks :  command prompt Ek bahut acha tool hai isse hum CUI (character user interface) ke name se bhi bolte hai hacking me mostly hacker windows ke alwa other hacking operating systems use me lete hai jaise linux, but kuch hacking Techniques me Command prompt use hota hai toh aaj hum best cmd command used in hacking in hindi ke bare me jaanege.

Best CMD commands used in hacking every hacker must know

First aapko win+R type karna hoga box me cmd type karna hai or enter press karna hai isse aapke paas command prompt open hoga, yaha par batai gai total command prompt me run hogi.

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CMD command used in Hacking explain with example

  1. ipconfig command
  2. netstat command
  3. nbstat command
  4. route command
  5. arp command
  6. tracert command
  7. ping command
  8. net user command
  9. net view command
  10. nslookup command

Best cmd command used in hacking

  • ipconfig :- Yah command computer address like  ip,Gateway, DNS pata karne ke liye use hoti hai.

Command: ipconfig  press enter and show all information “Windows IP                      Configuration

  • netstat :- Yah command aapke connection stats ko show karegi like this                   Command: netstat and press enter show all your connection stats

  • nbstat :- Yah command aapke target device ka Net bios show karega iss command  ka use mostly Netbios name ka solution karne ke liye kiya jata hai mtlab fix Netbios name resolution problem.

Command: nbstat -A  & code: nbstat -a computername

  • net user :- Yah command computer user ko show karne ke liya use hoti hai.

Command: net user show all users list in your computer

  • ping :-  Is command ka use target ko ping karwane ke liye kiya jata hai means target connected yaa communicate ho rha hai yaa nhi.

Command: ping show info your target are connected in your network and communicate or not.

  • tracert :- Yah command route ki hops info and Tracing route to over a maximum of 30 hops for Example

Command: tracert show your target ip packets hop

  • arp :-  “address resolution protocol”  Show your arp table Iss command ka use karke LAN network me find anyone done arp poisoning.

Command: arp -a show your arp table

  • Route :- this command show you routing table, gateway, interface and metric.

Command: route print

  • nslookup :- Yah command kae kaam karti hai jaise ki resolving DNS into ip and kisi website ka ip address pata karna many more.

Command: nslookup show address.

  • net view :- yah command aapke network me other visible computer ko show karta hai.

Command: net view this command is show all visible computer on your network.

maine aapko command prompt ki best cmd command used in hacking explain in hindi ke baare me jaankari di agar aapko computer ya technology se related koi bhi question hai to niche comment box me comment kare.

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