Best CMD Commands Used in Hacking
Best CMD Commands Used in Hacking

Best CMD Commands Used in Hacking: CMD is a powerful tool that lets you do almost Everything with your Windows Computer. Windows is a powerful GUI-based OS. You can easily install any software, The command prompt is one of the Best powerful tools in the Windows operating system. Here in this post, we are discussing the Best CMD Commands Used in Hacking.

Command Prompt is a command-line interpreter application available in most Windows operating systems, officially called the Windows Command Processor but sometimes called the command shell. CMD hacking commands, Command Prompt is a Windows program that emulates many of the command line abilities available in MS-DOS but it is not actually MS-DOS.

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Best CMD commands used in Hacking For Beginners

How To Hack For Beginners CMD Commands Explain With an Example –

  • ipconfig command
  • netstat command
  • nbstat command
  • route command
  • arp command
  • tracert command
  • ping command
  • net user command
  • net view command
  • nslookup command

How To RUN a Command in Command Prompt(CMD)?

How To RUN a Command in Command Prompt
How To RUN a Command in Command Prompt

Open the command prompt on your Windows Computer: Press the win key+R to open RUN and type in “cmd”. A window with a black background will open. This is the command prompt window. To execute a command, type the command using your keyboard and then press enter.

Ethical Hacking Commands (CMD Commands Tricks)

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ipconfig Command

The command used for getting Computer’s IP, Gateway, and DNS.

Command: ipconfig  press enter and show all information “Windows IP                      Configuration”

cmd hacking command ipconfig

netstat Command

The command Used For Showing connection stats.

Command: netstat and press enter show all your connection stats

hacking comd command net stats

nbstat Command

Showing target device Net Bios and resolution solution.

Command: nbstat -a computername

Example: nbstat -A 

net user

The Commands Use For Show all users list in your computer

Command: net user

best cmd command use hacking net user

ping Command

The Command used for Check target online or connected. (show info your target is connected in your network and communicate or not.)

Command: ping

best cmd command use hacking ping

tracert Command

Tracing route to over a maximum of 30 hops. ( show your target ip packets hop)

Command: tracert

tracert command use hacking

arp Command

“address resolution protocol” shows your arp table. (Show your arp table Find anyone done arp poisoning.)

Command: arp -a

arp command using hacking cmd command

Route Command

The command shows you the routing table, gateway, interface, and metric.

Command: route print

route cmd command using hacking

nslookup Command

The Command used for Domain Name System (DNS) to obtain a domain name or IP address mapping, or other DNS records.

Command: nslookup

nslookup command use for hacking

net view Command

The command used for Displays a list of domains, computers, or resources that are being shared by the specified computer. Used without parameters, net view displays a list of computers in your current domain.

Command: net view


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