Computer Keyboard Symbols and their Names

hello everyone in this tutorial we learn about “Names of Symbols in Your Computer Keyboard” The keyboard is the piece of computer hardware used to input text, characters, and other commands into a computer or similar device. sometimes we forgot the names of symbols on our keyboard so, here is the complete list of Names of Symbols on Your Computer Keyboard.

History of Computer Keyboard?

The computer keyboard has come a long way since its invention in the 1800s. The first keyboard was created for telegraph operators to help them send messages more efficiently. It wasn’t until the 1960s that keyboards were developed for use with computers. These keyboards were mechanical and used switches to register keystrokes. In the 1980s, membrane keyboards were introduced, which used a flexible membrane to register keystrokes. Today, we have various types of keyboards, including mechanical, membrane, scissor-switch, and more.

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Types of Computer Keyboards:

  1. Mechanical Keyboard: These keyboards use individual switches for each key. They offer tactile and audible feedback, which makes them popular among gamers and typists.
  2. Membrane Keyboard: These keyboards use a thin, flexible membrane that registers keystrokes. They are less expensive and quieter than mechanical keyboards.
  3. Scissor-Switch Keyboard: These keyboards use a scissor-like mechanism that provides a stable key press. They are commonly found in laptops and are known for their low profile and quiet operation.

Importance of Computer Keyboard:

A computer keyboard is an essential tool for anyone who uses a computer regularly. It allows us to communicate with our computers, type documents, send emails, and more. Without a keyboard, using a computer would be impossible. It is also an essential tool for gamers, coders, and other professionals who require precise and quick typing.

What are Computer Keyboard Symbols and their Names

Computer keyboards have been an essential part of our daily lives since the invention of the personal computer. They are used for various purposes, including typing, gaming, coding, and more. In this blog, we will discuss the history, types, and importance of computer keyboards.

Must know Computer Keyboard Symbols and their Names

All Computer Keyboard Symbols list

@     Ampersat, Arobase, Asperand, At, or At symbol
!     Exclamation mark, Exclamation point, or Bang
€     Euro
$     Dollar sign or generic currency
¢     cent sign
¥     Chinese/Japenese Yuan
§     Micro or Section
%     Percent
°     Degree
^     Caret or Circumflex
&     Ampersand, Epershand, or And
*     Asterisk, mathematical multiplication symbol, star
~     Tilde
(     Open parenthesis
)     Close parenthesis
-     Hyphen, Minus or Dash
_     Underscore
+     Plus
=     Equal
{     Open Brace, squiggly brackets, or curly bracket
}     Close Brace, squiggly brackets, or curly bracket
[     Open bracket
]     Closed bracket
|     Pipe, Or, or Vertical ba
\     Backslash or Reverse Solidus
/     Forward slash, Solidus, Virgule, Whack, mathematical division symbol
:     Colon
;     Semicolon
"     Quote, Quotation mark, or Inverted commas
'     Apostrophe or Single Quote
<     Less Than or Angle brackets
>     Greater Than or Angle brackets
,     Comma
.     Period, dot or Full Stop
?     Question Mark
F1 - F12         (function keys)
Tab               Tab key
Caps lock         Caps lock key
Shift             Shift key
Ctrl Ctrl         (Control) key
Delete             Delete or Del key
Enter              Enter key
Prt Scrn           Print screen key
Scroll lock        Scroll lock key
Pause              Pause key
Break              Break key
Home               Home key
Insert             Insert key
Home               Home key
Page up            pg up key
Page down          Page down key
End                End key
Num Lock           Num Lock key
Windows            Windows key / looks like a four-pane window
Esc                Escape key
Arrows Up, Down, Left, Right Arrow keys
Back Space         Backspace key

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