Mozilla Firefox Browser Keyboard Shortcuts Commands
Mozilla Firefox Browser Keyboard Shortcuts Commands

Mozilla Firefox Browser Keyboard Shortcuts Commands: Learn Firefox browser keyboard shortcuts and make your work or tasks easier. In this list, we will learn all about Firefox browser shortcut keys. here is another blog for the google chrome shortcuts key.

Perform common Firefox tasks quickly. You know that if you use your computer without a mouse, it will be very fast. Some of the shortcuts are listed here which are mostly utilized in Mozilla Firefox on the Windows platform. Top Keyboard Shortcuts For Mozilla Firefox.

Mozilla Firefox, or just Firefox, may be a free and open-source browser developed by the Mozilla Foundation and its subsidiary, the Mozilla Corporation. An optimized version of Firefox is additionally available on the Amazon Fire TV, together with the 2 main browsers available with Amazon’s Silk Browser.

Mozilla Firefox Browser Keyboard Shortcuts Commands

Mozilla Firefox Browser Keyboard Shortcuts Key

Firefox ShortcutsDescription
Ctrl + JOpen Downloads Page
F12Toggle Developer Tools
Ctrl + CCopy
Ctrl + Shift + CInspector
Shift + F7Style Editor
New TabCtrl + T
Ctrl + UPage Source
Ctrl + NNew Window
Ctrl + Shift + JBrowser Console
Ctrl + Shift + MResponsive Design View
F11Toggle Full Screen
Ctrl + VPaste
Shift + DelDelete Selected Autocomplete Entry
Ctrl + Shift + PNew Private Window
Ctrl + LFocus Address Bar
EscStop Auto-scroll Mode
Ctrl + Shift + NUndo Close Window
Ctrl + HShowing History sidebar
AltClose a Menu
Space barToggle Play (Pause)
Ctrl + 1 to 7Go to Tab 1 to 7
↓ and ↑Decrease volume and Increase volume
Ctrl + FFocus Search Field in Library
NNext page
Ctrl + 0Automatic Zoom
RRotate the document clockwise
Ctrl + W and Ctrl + F4Close Tab
SChoose Text Selection Tool
Ctrl + ↓Mute audio
Ctrl + ↑Unmute audio
Ctrl + Shift + QExit
Ctrl + Shift + DelClear Recent History
EnterOpen Focused Bookmark or Link in Current Tab
Ctrl + FFind in This Page
Ctrl + Shift + DBookmark All Tabs
Ctrl + Alt + GFocus the Page Number input box
Ctrl + EnterOpen Search in New Background Tab
Ctrl + Shift + TUndo Close Tab
Ctrl + DBookmark This Page
Ctrl + Shift + ENetwork
Shift + F7Style Editor
Ctrl + Shift + BShow/hide the Bookmarks toolbar
Alt + ←Back
Ctrl + OOpen File
/Quick Find
Alt + HomeHome
Page DownGo Down a Screen
F5 and Ctrl + RReload
F3Find Again
Ctrl + YRedo
Ctrl + Shift + BShow/hide the Bookmarks toolbar
Ctrl + ZUndo
Ctrl + ASelect All
Mozilla Firefox Browser All Keyboard Shortcuts Commands

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