How To Install Dev C++ in Windows 10
How To Install Dev C++ in Windows 10

How To Install Dev C++ in Windows 10 For Learn C Language in Hindi- Apne computer me practice karne ke liye aapko C language ke program ko run karne honge, program run karne ke liye aapko EK Compiler apne computer me install karna hoga. Iss compiler ke through aap apne computer me C language ke program run kar sakte hai.

Sabse phale jaante hai Compiler ke baare me Compiler ek computer software hota hai jo aapke source code or input aap compiler ko dete hai un codes ko check karke aapko output deta hai. (high level language ko machine language me convert karta hai.

compilers ke baare me or jayda jaane ke liye aapko humare ye post read karni chaiye- What Is Compiler, Interpreter and Assembler In Hindi  

How To Install Dev C++ in Windows 10 For Learn C Language in Hindi

Dev c++ IDE or Compiler hai jo window OS ke liye free available hai c programming ke liye or bhi bahut se Compilers hai, but humne dev C++ ko choose yaha isliye kiya kuynki yah use karne me easy hai, agar aap programming me beginner hai toh aapko c language ke liye Dev c++ use karna chaiye, dev c++ me C++ ke program bhi run kiye jaa sakte hai.

What is Dev C++ IDE Compiler

(A free, portable, fast and simple C/C++ IDE) Dev C++ EK integrated development environment (IDE) hai, General Public License(GNU) ke under iska License hai jo c and c++ programming ke liye design kiya gaya tha. simple word me baat kare toh, Dev C++ ek Compiler hota hai jo aapke code ko run karta hai or us code ka aapko output result me deta hai, agar aapne program me koi galti karte hai toh aapko koi output nahi millega aapko niche error show hongi kis statement me konsi error hai. usse aap fix bh kar sakte hai.

Features of Dev C++ IDE Compiler

TDM-GCC 4.9.2 32/64bit
Syntax highlighting
Code completion
Code insight
Editable shortcuts
GPROF profiling
GDB debugging
AStyle code formatting
Devpak IDE extensions
External tools

Install Dev C++ in Windows 10 in Hindi step to step-

  • Download Latest version of Dev c++.
  • Install
  • Run
  • Choose Language (English / According you understand)
  • Follow Some steps- Click File>>New>>Project>>Choose Console application and choose c object and then Click Ok.
  • Enjoy Coding.

Download Dev C++

Basic Structure of C Programming First Hello program in C language?

[code language=’C’]
#include // header file
int main() // main function program starting function
printf(“Hello, World!”); // printf() displays the string inside quotation
return 0; //end function or return value

output of this program

[code language=’C’]
Hello World!

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