“Top Best 20 Hacking and Technology Movies List You Need To Watch”- If you are interested in Technology and Hacking so this post only for you. here is some movie List based on Technology and Hacking. I have watched almost all of the movies on this list and i am sure you can learn something useful from these movie.

I know you will see many of these movies. These movies might not teach you how to hack, but Such movie inspires us.

Top Best 20 Hacking and Technology Movies List You Need To Watch

1. Who Am I: No System Is Safe (2014)

Who Am I is the great movie based on Hacking. Benjamin, a young German computer whiz, is invited to join a subversive hacker group that wants to be noticed on the world’s stage.

2. Blackhat (2015)

A furloughed convict and his American and Chinese partners hunt a high-level cyber crime network to Chicago from Los Angeles to Hong Kong.

3. Algorithm (2014)

In This movie a freelance computer hacker discovers a mysterious government computer program. He breaks into the program and is thrust into a revolution.

4. Eagle Eye (2008)

Jerry and Rachel are two strangers thrown together by a mysterious phone call from a woman they have never met Threatening his life and family, she pushes Jerry and Rachel in a series of increasingly dangerous situations.

5. Snowden (2016)

NSA illegal surveillance techniques are leaked to the public by one of the agency’s employees, Edward Snowden, in the form of thousands of classified documents distributed to the press.

6. The Matrix Series

Top Best 20 Hacking and Technology Movies List You Need To Watch 1

A computer hacker learns from mysterious rebels about the true nature of his reality and his role in the war against its controllers. The human city of Zion defends itself against the massive invasion of the machines as Neo fights to end the war on another front while also opposing the rogue Agent Smith.

7. WarGames (1983)

A young man finds a military attack in a central computer, in which reality is confused with game-playing, possibly starting World War III.

8. Swordfish (2001)

A covert counter-terrorist unit called Black Cell led by Gabriel Shear wants the money to help finance their war against international terrorism, but it’s all locked away. Gabriel brings in the convicted hacker Stanley Jobson to help him.

9. Die Hard Series

Top Best 20 Hacking and Technology Movies List You Need To Watch 2

John McClane travels to Russia to help out his wayward way, Jack, only to discover that Jack is a CIA operative working undercover, causing father and son to team up against underworld forces.

10. The Lawnmower Man (1992)

A simple person has turned into a genius through the application of computer science.

11. Hackers (1995)

This movie is about hackers who are blamed for making a virus that will capsize 5 oil tankers.

12. Ghost in the Shell (1995)

A cyborg policewoman and her partner hunt a mysterious and powerful hacker called the Puppet Master.

13. Enemy Of The State (1998)

A lawyer becomes a target by a corrupt politician and his NSA goons when he accidentally receives key evidence to a serious politically motivated crime.

14. The Thirteenth Floor (1999)

A computer science class running a virtual reality simulation of 1937 gets the primary suspect when his colleague and mentor is murdered.

15. The Italian Job (2003)

After being betrayed and left for dead in Italy, Charlie Croker and his team planned an elaborate gold heist against their former ally.

16. Firewall (2006)

A security specialist is forced into robbing the bank that he’s protecting, as a bid to pay off his family’s ransom.

17. iron Man series

Top Best 20 Hacking and Technology Movies List You Need To Watch 3

A superhero film series based on the Marvel Comics character of the same name and part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) series. Tony Stark AKA Iron Man, an industrialist and master engineer uses a powerful exoskeleton to fight foes, with the help of his personal assistant and love interest Pepper Potts.

18. The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (2009)

A journalist is aided by a young female hacker in his search for the killer of a woman who has been dead for forty years.

19. The Social Network (2010)

Harvard student Mark Zuckerberg creates the social networking site that will become known as Facebook, but is later sued by two brothers who claimed that they were the idea, and the co-founder who was later squeezed out of the business.

20. Tron: Legacy (2010)

The son of a virtual world designer goes looking for his father and ends up inside the digital world that his father designed. He meets his father’s corrupted creation and a unique ally who was born inside the digital world.

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