Coding Mistakes in C++
Coding Mistakes in C++

5 Typical Coding Mistakes in C++ Beginners Make: Every programmer knows that C++ is not easy at all. Especially if you are just a student or a beginner, many tricky details are waiting for you. To learn the full potential of C++, you might need several years of intense studies and practice. And even in such cases, it might be not enough. It is normal to make mistakes if you look for solutions and fix them at the very end.

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And for those who prefer doing everything independently, we have prepared a list of the main mistakes that are usually made by all beginners. We recommend checking them out to make sure y know and understand the mentioned issues. We hope it will help you to avoid these mistakes and then, write perfect code.

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Some Beginners Use New and Delete Pairs in a Wrong Way

You might really make an effort but it is almost impossible to see dynamically allocated memory completely. And even if you do your best, exceptions might be thrown.

For example:

ClassA *a = new ClassA;


“a” might be never deleted if an exception is thrown. Here is a more reliable way to do it: use auto_ptrl. Then, the string will look the following way:

Std : : auto_ptr<ClassA> a(new ClassA);

It is though a very simple example. In C++, there are significantly trickier things.

Do Not Forget Virtual Destructor

Of course, we will agree that in some cases, a virtual destructor is not applied. However, if it is needed, and you forget it, it might lead to memory leaks.

A virtual destructor is used to introduce additional data in a particular class structure. It significantly increases the instance size.

It is recommended to add a special virtual destructor every time when a class is declared. The main reason for it is that the majority of classes can be inherited. However, if this is not the case, it is recommended to put a special comment in the file of the class declaration. This comment indicates that this is a class that is not inherited.

One more detail should be considered. Classes and templates from all the standard libraries are not inherited. So, a virtual destructor is absolutely not needed.

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“Delete” Is not Used for Deleting

This is something each beginner shall get used to. In the majority of cases, you need to create many temporary arrays. After you don’t need them anymore, you need to delete it. It is logical that you would use “Delete” to delete them. However, it is not all that simple with C++. In this language, you need a specially developed delete operator that is used with these brackets []. It calls all the destructors of all those objects from that array.

Don’t Return a Local Object for Reference

There is plenty of code that suffers indeed from this mistake even though many developers classify it as a mistake of absolute beginners. For example, have a look at this example:

Complex result;

return result;


Complex& sum = SumComplex(a, b);

Here, the Sum object points to the Result object. However, the objective function is not executed. Initially, it was there, on the stack. However, the function then returned to the stack. After that, the stack gets unwrapped. So, all the objects are commonly destructed. So, undefined behavior will be for sure a result of this code.

Do not use Invalidated References vs. Iterators

You shall know that every STL container invalidates references as well as iterators in particular conditions. So, you have to be very attentive to this detail. This error happens frequently in multi-thread environments because there, it is complicated to keep an eye on everything. To eliminate this issue, it is recommended to apply synchronization tools.

Final Thoughts

Coding in C++ is not an easy thing. These are just the most typical mistakes, and each developer makes them all at some stage. If you devote a lot of time and have enough patience, you will learn to code perfectly and find solutions even in the most complicated situations.

For now, if your coding task is stressing you too much, and the code gives errors doesn’t matter what you do, you might want to hire a company that provides coding services.

Make sure the company has experienced developers who specialize in this language. Otherwise, it might be tricky even for a specialist. Only if the provider has specialists with proper specialization and experience, you can count on a high-quality task and a timely delivery.

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