How to Become A Ethical Hacker Complete Guide
How to Become A Ethical Hacker Complete Guide

How to Become A Ethical Hacker Complete Guide: I have been studying related to hacking for a few days, So let’s Learn How to become a good hacker. The word hacker was first defined as an experienced programmer complete in machine law and computer operating systems.

now, a hacker is a person who forever engages in hacking activities, and has accepted hacking as the life and gospel of their choice. how to become an ethical hacker with no experience. Hacking is the practice of modifying the features of a system, to negotiate a thing outside of the creator’s original purpose.

Hacking is the unauthorized intrusion into a computer or network. Hacking is basically computers and networks without any permission I have to do. For example, if someone login to your computer without asking you by any means, it is called hacking. what to study to become a hacker.

How to Become an Ethical Hacker Step By Step Guide Beginners to Advance – Best Way To Become A Hacker

In this post available all information related to becoming a good hacker basic to advance. Still, also a career in ethical hacking can be an enticing prospect If you’re a professional who appreciates the manners of the world of computers and relishes a challenge. You get the opportunity to use your experience to break into computer systems, and you get paid good money for doing so.

What Is Ethical Hacking and How Does It Work?

The term hacking has truly negative connotations, but that is only until the job of an ethical hacker is totally understood. Ethical hackers are the good guys of the hacking world, the ones who wear the” white hat”. So what does the part of an ethical hacker comprehend? first, by using their advanced computer knowledge for unrighteous activities, ethical hackers identify sins in data computer security for businesses and societies across the globe, to cover them from hackers with smaller honest motives.

Who is Hacker?

an individual who uses computers, networking, or other skills to overcome a technical problem, and in other words Hacker is any skilled computer expert that uses their technical knowledge to overcome a problem. A hacker is someone who is an expert in computer science and is very advanced, or a hacker is a person who can control any media device as per his wish. A hacker steals the password of anyone’s e-mail, or someone takes down a website’s server.

Types of Hackers?

Hackers can be classified into different categories similar as white hat, black hat, and grey hat, grounded on their intent of hacking a system. In the field of hacking, the recording of work or the type of work that is done is known by the name of the same type.






1. Who is a Black Hat Hacker?

A black hat hacker is usually one that engages in cybercrime operations and uses hacking for dollars-and-cents gain, cyber spying purposes, or other bad
motives, like implanting malware into computer networks.

One of the world-famous black hat hackers is Kevin Mitnick, who, at one point, was the most wanted cybercriminal in the world. As a black chapeau hacker, he addressed over 40 major corporations, including IBM and Motorola, and truly the US National Defense alerting system.

2. Who is a White Hat Hacker?

A white hat hacker and Ethical Hacker is something who uses hacking expertise to identify security vulnerabilities in hardware, software, or networks system. White hat hackers respect the rule of law as it applies to hacking.

World well-known not for hacking but for inventing the World Wide Web, Berners- Lee though is clearly a member of the white-hat hacking camp.

The salary of a white hat hacker is $120,000 annually.

3. Who is Gray and Red hat Hackers?

A grey hat is a computer hacker or computer security expert who may occasionally violate laws or typical ethical norms but generally doesn’t have the malicious intent typical of a black hat hacker.

Red hat hackers are hired by government agencies to spot vulnerabilities in security systems, with a specific focus on finding and disarming black hat hackers. They are known to be particularly ruthless in their search for black hat criminals, and normally use any means possible to take them down.

4. Who is Suicide Hacker?

The concept of suicide hackers is the same as suicide bombers. The suicide bombers know that if they can blast the lemon they can also kill the people but they can do that for revenge and for money etc. They can do this for two reasons. First to take vengeance on their big opponent and the alternate bone is for money.

5. Who is the Phreak hacker?

A phreak is someone who breaks into the telephone network immorally, generally to make free long-distance phone calls or to tap phone lines. Phreaking is a shoptalk term chased to describe the exercise of a culture of people who study, test with, or explore telecommunication.

How to Become A Ethical Hacker Complete Guide

In this post, I will try to explain things in a better way and in easy language.

What Skills Learn Required to Become an Ethical Hacker?

  • Learn Computer Networking Skills. You Can Learn One of the most important skills to become an ethical hacker is networking skills.
  • Learn Computer Skills.
  • Learn Linux Skills.
  • Learn Programming Skills.
  • Learn Basic Hardware Skills.
  • Learn Reverse Engineering Skills.
  • Learn Cryptography Skills.
  • Learn Database Skills.

Learn Computer System And Fundamental.

First, let’s explain the basic concepts of how a computer works, and how all parts work in a computer, how a processor works. The best way to do all this is to make your own PC computer or you can solve any error in the computer yourself, you can take the help of Google. All these will increase your computer skills and clear your concepts about computer fundamentals.

Learn Linux Operating Systems and Linux Tools Hacking Command.

If you use Windows operating system then it is good but apart from Windows operating system you should use another operating system like Linux because hackers use Linux operating system, Linux OS has many hacking tools, and there are also many operating systems, for example, Unix, Ubuntu Server operating system.

“Hacker’s Favorite Operating system is Kali Linux OS. Here is a question. why learn Linux operating system so answer is simple – Linux is an open-source operating system and in Linux operating system you will find many hacking tools that you can practice. For example, Wireshark, Nmap, and many more tools are available on Linux OS.

Learn Computer Networking For Become a Good Ethical Hacker.

When you access the Internet in a computer’s browser, that Internet reaches you in a way, so the way the Internet spreads to you comes through some kind of topology and includes routers, hub cables, and switches Are included. The same hardware is used as the networking device that you used, all these things come in the Computer networking system.

If you want to become a good hacker then you must have all knowledge of networks and how Computer network system works?, how router Network Device works?, what is hub and how it works?, what is topology?, what is mac addressing?, what is DHCP?, Also you can learn OSI Layer which can related to Networking. and all the information you need to know.

So, Where you can learn all these things. YouTube is the best way to learn anything and you can also learn from Udemy Free Ethical Hacking Courses, it is not necessary that you can join any college or university or any hacking school, it is on your own and also through e-learning can do.

Learn Databases For Become a Good Ethical Hacker.

If you want to become a good hacker then you need to know how databases work and how can access or manage them. A database is a systematic collection of structured information, or data, generally stored electronically in a computer system. A database is generally controlled by a database operating system. Databases are used for storing, maintaining, and entering any kind of data. They collect information on people, places, or effects. That information is gathered in one place so that it can be observed and anatomized. Databases can be allowed as a systematized collection of information.

Most Popular Used Databases:

  • MySQL
  • PostgreSQL
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • SQLite
  • MongoDB
  • Redis
  • MariaDB
  • Oracle

Learn Programming For Become a Good Ethical Hacker.

“A good programmer is a good hacker”.

Programming me kuch code hote hai un codes ki help se hum software and web develop karte hai. so question is why important learn programming – because computer ko instruction dene wala har wo software jisse app use karte hai chahe wo system software ho aur chahe wo application software.

Sabhi software kisi na kisi programming languaga se bante hai. Iss website me bhi aapko jaydatr post aapko hacking and programming ki millegi to Email se subscribe kar lijye taki aapko new post milti rahe Email ke through.

Which Programming Language is Best For Hacking

– HTML,HTML 5 PYTHON, C, C++, JAVASCRIPT, and PHP etc. In sabhi language ke alava bhi aapko other language sikhni chahiye kya pata kaha konsi kaam me aajaye.

6. Join Online Forums For Learn Hacking.

Agar aap real me apne concept clear karne hai to aapko jo bhi top online forums hai inko join karna chahiye.

Forums join karne me fayda ye hai ki waha expert log hote hai app jo bhi qustion waha puchoge to aapko waha par bahut sare answer milege jisse app apna concept clear kar paoge. bahut si forums hai google search karne par aapko mill jayege or darkwiki par bhi main iss topic par or bhi post karne wala hu.

7. Create Your Own Hacking Lab.

8. Learn about Cryptography.

9. Always learn something new.

humesa kuch bhi new sikhte rahe about technology and computers, kuki yaha aap jitna sikhoge utna kam hai.

10. Learn Social Engineering and Different type of hacking techniques.

Other Tips To Become a Good Ethical Hacker

  • Adopting Hacking Attitudes
  • write your own scripting program
  • solving problems related to computers and networks

finally: How to Become A Ethical Hacker Complete Step to Step Guides friends ye kuch tips thi i hope inse aapko thodi bahut help jarur milegi mai aapko ye nahi bata raha ki aap bas ye post read karo and you are a successful hacker, no. main aapko kuch tips bata raha hu. agar post achi lage to apne friends ke sath share jarur kare.  happy learning.

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