how to customize termux
how to customize termux

“How to Customize Termux Make Termux terminal look Awesome – ANCII, Color, Font, Style– We have already written a post about the introduction of the Termux Android Hacking App go and see. in this post we doing Termux welcome screen Customize so let’s get started.

The Termux android hacking app is like a small Linux, You already know Linux is a command-line-based operating system, and Termux is also a command-line app. Termux Android All Commands.

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In this post, we learn to customize termux-banner, customize termux github, best termux theme, customize termux interface and modify termux welcome screen.

How to Customize Termux, Make Termux terminal look Awesome – ANCII, Color, Font, Style

First, we need to remove all the Termux welcome screen text and insert some cool text.

termux welcome screen

How to Remove Termux Welcome screen Text

Open Termux app and type-

  1. cd ..
  2. ls
  3. cd usr/etc
  4. ls
  5. rm -rf motd
  6. Open a new terminal, and see the Termux terminal is totally clear.

We successfully remove all the welcome screen text with the help of these commands.

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How to Insert ANCII text in Your Termux terminal – termux theme change command

Open a new session in Termux and type the following command

  1. pkg install figlet
  2. pkg install nano
  3. again new session open & type -
  4. cd..
  5. ls
  6. cd usr
  7. ls
  8. cd etc
  9. ls
  10. nano bash.bashrc

after typing the following commands in the Termux app screen showing something just like that.

termux costmize tutorial

Time to need some changes-

type following command

  1. figlet -f standard darkwiki

after all, process Termux welcome screen looks awesome no other text

termux costmize screen shot

If you need to add some cool font and color you can follow these steps.

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Make Termux terminal look Awesome Color, Font, Style

Requirements-  curl tool

type following command

  1. apt update
  2. apt upgrade
  3. clear
  4. apt install curl -
  5. sh -c "$(curl -fsSL"

wait for a complete install and choose any option according to you.

for Example:

  1. type 0
  2. and restart the Termux app

If you need to change the color scheme then type


If you need to Change font then type


termux awesome look cool

Make Termux terminal look Awesome practical video

Credit: Cabbagec

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