what is firewall configure your firewall settings and protect yourself

internet me kudh ko protect rakhna bhi Ek impotent subject kuki ajkal hum online hi jayda se jayda work karte hai jitni bhi information humari online rahti hai wo chahe wo humare Documents ho ya jaruri data, to computer me firewall Ek asa system hota hai jo hume kuch had tak protect karta hai External hacking attack se agar hum uski kuch setting so ko ache se kar le to, aaj hum ise par discuss karne wale hai,what is firewall configure your firewall settings and protect yourself “

what is firewall configure your firewall settings and protect yourself   

#what is firewall? (firewall kya hai, computer ko kaise secure kare)

firewall Ek network security system hota hai jo hardware bhi ho sakta hai and software bhi, jab humare computer system me internet se aane wale traffic incoming and outgoing traffic ko rule ke according control karta hai, example ke trough explain smje to jaise aap kuch data download kar rahe hai to us data me jo aapki requirement hai like a audio file to wo audio file to jo firewall biche me laga huaa hai wo kya krega us audio file ko aapke computer tak aane dega or baaki unknown data ko bahar hi rane dega.(A firewall is a network security device that grants or rejects network access to traffic flows between an untrusted zone (e.g., the Internet) and a trusted zone) hardware firewall Ek device ho sata jo aapke computer me ya kisi Network me laga diya jata hai and software base firewall aapke windows pc me inbuilt aata hai.

note: find firewall in your PC goto start menu and than type firewall and click windows firewall.

#types of firewall?

basically firewall two types ke hote hai.

  • Network layer firewall
  • Application layer firewall

Network layer firewall is type ka firewall humare all over network ko protect karta hai and bhar se hone wale attack se protect karta hai.

Application layer firewall is types ke firewall humare system install hote and ye humare computer system ko protect karte hai.

how to configure your firewall and protect yourself   

windows me firewall phale se hi inbuilt hota hai, or phale se isme kuch Default settings hoti hai unhe is called rule, kuch rules usme define kiye hue hote hai or aap bhi unme kuch rules alag se add kar sakte hai jaise ki http websites open honi chaiye ya nhi, konsi website open nhi honi chahiye and etc.

  • first goto control panel in your pc then click the windows firewall icon.


  • ye confirm karle ki aapka firewall on hai ya off hai uske liye left side me turn windows firewall on or off option pe click kare, see screen shot.



  • next hai aapke computer me jo bhi applications hai un pe aap firewall apply karna chate hai ya nhi uske liye aapko allow an app or features through windows firewall pr click karna hai see screen shot.



  • agar aap chahte hai ki koi bhi harmfull software jab bhi aapke computer me install ho to aapko notification mill jaaye to uske liye aapko Security and Maintenance > change user account control settins pr click karna hai. yaa aapko default setting hogi usme aapko change karna hai always notify pe ko upr tak kar dena hai see screen shot.



  • after aapko apne according isme new rule add kar sakte hai like aapko koi bhi port block karna hai, koi connection ko block karna hai, ya fir koi program, uske liye aapko advance settings me click karna hai. mai aapko understand karne ke liye Ek example screen shot ke through smjaa raha hu see the all screens shot.






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